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Gender Pay Report

CARE - An unusual business

The UK’s general working population breaks down as 53% Men and 47% Women.
By comparison, the NHS has a high female emphasis (77% Women, 23% Men). In this context CARE has an extraordinarily high female emphasis (89% women, 11% men).

Given the nature of CARE’s work, this ratio is understandable but such an under representation of men and their concentration of roles does distort the picture as seen below, with some notes for added clarity:

CARE Pay bands (25% of workforce in each)

If you split pay across the organisation into four equal pay bands, the following table shows the proportion of men and women in each band:

Interpreting the data

The mean and median gender pay gaps can mainly be explained by the observation that while men make up 11% of the workforce, they make up only 3% of the lowest paid quartile and 30% of the highest paid quartile.

The above observation is similar in the NHS where despite men only making up 23% of the total workforce, 22% of its male employees are Doctors or Dentists¹, 65% of consultants are men and over half of its ‘very senior management’ are men.

70% of CARE’s highest paid quartile is made up of female employees which suggests that women are able to progress their careers to our most senior roles.


As stated above the CARE statistics are unusual in that it is hard to think of an organisation with a similar female / male ratio.

That being said we must strive to set a good example by:

  • Constantly reviewing our hiring practices and the workplace environment to ensure not only women, but all those in under-represented groups have equal opportunities to progress.
  • Encouraging managers to consider where possible appropriate flexible working arrangements at all levels across the organisation, especially in managerial positions.
  • Reducing the influence of conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace.
  • Reviewing our reward processes and pay structures to ensure consistency in their approach and application.

I can confirm that the data contained within this report is accurate.

Nigel Robertson, Chairman
March 2019

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